Educating Gifted and Talented Children – Turning Research Into Practice


The strands are:

Turning research into practice:

  • Identifying the gifted and identifying the talented
  • Educating and extending gifted learners
  • Developing talents in the home, classroom and beyond
  • Research on the gifted
  • Conceptual frameworks for teaching the gifted
  • Curriculum for the gifted
  • Digital and Technological Applications and Practices in Gifted Education

Giving gifted and talented children a voice:

  • Advocacy for gifted students
  • Partnerships to enhance educating the gifted
  • Creativity and social-emotional development
  • Creativity in mathematics
  • Values education for the gifted
  • Twice-exceptional gifted learners

On-site collaboration:

  • Study groups
  • Networking dinner groups

Online collaboration:

  • Setting the stage for future sharing of information
  • E-networking
  • E-learning options