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Tina Refning Conference Manager Tel. 0045 6614 7997
Tina Refning
Conference Manager

Gifted education

– unfortunately does not have an official platform in Denmark – or in Scandinavia for that matter. There are several good initiatives concerning talent development and we support this. But because the lack of knowledge on gifted and highly gifted children is so profound, a lot of these initiatives seem to be directed at bright children, while the “usual suspects” – ADHD and autism diagnosis instead of a “gifted diagnosis” – seem to continue to thrive among the gifted group. This needs to change.

Our vision for Denmark following the 2015 conference is to be able to start a knowledge center on giftedness. We have started on a small scale with our, which provides monthly gatherings for both parents and gifted children in two towns; Odense and Slagelse. We plan to elaborate and build on this over the next two years and then hopefully get a center going in 2015.

Our vision for the participants of the WCGTC after the 2015 conference is to get people together and make them want to connect after the conference. That smaller networking groups will be started and continue to thrive. On this website, you will therefore see some of our suggestions for this; a slightly modified program, introduction of the term ‘dinner group”, and focus on “food for brains”.

We hope you enjoy our ideas!


Susanne Hoff-Clausen Vice Conference Manager Tel: 0045 3257 6614

Vice Conference Manager

Ole Kyed  Head of Academic Committee  att. Ole
Ole Kyed
Head of Academic Committee

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