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Invited speaker Søren Rågård

Bridging Physical and Digital – Enabling every student to succeedSR_speaker

Søren Rågård, Director
Digital Experiences, LEGO Education

By providing the best digital and physical resources for hands-on and creative learning experiences, LEGO Education believes that teachers and students will experience a new way to learn that is more effective, engaging and motivating for students at all levels. The LEGO Group’s Mission is to Inspire and Develop the Builders of Tomorrow’ and LEGO Education’s interpretation of this is to bring solutions to educators that will enable every student to succeed.


With a wide and strong background in Teaching, Digital Technology, Innovation and Leadership, Søren Rågård has a broad experience in leading the agenda of digitalization across different industries and segments, with a dedicated focus on being at the edge of the disruptive digital future, implementation and how it will affect our lives. Søren have played a very active and visible role in the digitalization of the public sector in Denmark and have brought many new innovative solutions to the market.

In LEGO education Søren is Director of Digital Experiences, with the responsibility of driving the digital experience strategy and the digitization of the LEGO education classroom. Through graphical intuitive solutions for programming, LEGO education brings teaching in Science and Technology (STEM) to a new level by implementing the creative thinking and the collaborative mindset of the 21st century skills in a unique way, by supporting the diversity of the students and the modern classroom. With new solutions in Math and Literacy, LEGO education combines and integrates the physical tactile elements with the digital components and interfaces, and raises the bar for the differentiated project based and progressive education.

Søren Rågård is highly influential in driving this unique seamless integration between the physical and digital experience, together with his team of talents and all the highly engaged colleagues across the global LEGO education organization.