Educating Gifted and Talented Children – Turning Research Into Practice


Leslie GravesDear Colleagues and friends,

The World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC) is very pleased to invite you to participate in its 21st Biennial World Conference. This event is being held in Odense, Denmark, and is the official international event of the WCGTC 2015.

This conference will be very exciting. It will seek to build multicultural bridges and networks across many interests related to Giftedness, Creativity and Talent for those working in Research, Education, Advocacy as well as Social-Emotional areas and Parenting Gifted children. These multicultural viewpoints and networking opportunities will lend a richness to the venue and many new and refreshing perspectives. Exploring the birthplace of the gifted and celebrated children’s story teller Hans Christian Anderson with international colleagues will add unforgettable memories and strengthen ties within our gifted communities and beyond.

This conference will provide a programme with the highest calibre of keynote speakers, scholars, presenters and exhibitors. It will bring leaders in gifted education together to share their knowledge, expertise and practices from many cultures. The venue will provide a perfect scientific platform for gifted education, professional dialogue and peer networking aimed at strengthening our services and practices that fulfil our mission.

I would like to thank our Danish Conference team for all their ongoing hard work, and to encourage you to attend.
Here’s hoping to see you all in Odense, Denmark 2015!

Leslie S. Graves
WCGTC President
World Council for Gifted & Talented Children