Educating Gifted and Talented Children – Turning Research Into Practice

Conference focus

– of the 21st World Conference

Educating gifted and talented children – turning research into practice. With the group of researchers and practitioners in the area of gifted and talented education being relatively small the need to come together on a global scale is essential. This is why  this international conference will focus on working together in transforming knowledge from research into practical tools for teachers and other educators to use on an everyday basis. We will urge all participants to take part in this collaboration and networking in order for the gifted area to advance. We might even agree on a joint research project to be carried out on a global scale.

By facilitating a conference where we not only share information but process it through collaboration and cross-border networking, we have the potential to both increase the effectiveness of and validate previously isolated research cells, whilst also forging a much more tight-knit international community or “Global Village”. Through it, we hope to reach a networking milestone from which we may continue on to fully unfurl both our intellectual and creative potential, ultimately securing a better future for gifted and talented children.

Odense is the perfect setting for the Global Village and we hereby invite you to our city for the 21st WCGTC World Conference. As the home of H.C. Andersen and headquarters for the University of Southern Denmark, Odense provides a safe, neutral environment surging with creativity. The compact and reliable infrastructure offers an intimate atmosphere in which we may reach our goals – i.e. through organized dinner groups, the central location of the conference, and long summer evenings combined with the Flower Festival.

We look forward to making our Global Village a reality.